Source code for dmtools.adjustments

import numpy as np
from typing import Callable

[docs]def apply_curve(image: np.ndarray, f: Callable, c: int = -1) -> np.ndarray: """Apply a curve f to an image or channel of an image. Args: image (np.ndarray): Image on which to apply curve. f (Callable): Curve to apply. f: [0,1] -> [0,1]. c (int): Channel to apply curve to. Apply to all channels if -1. Returns: np.ndarray: Image with curve applied. """ image = np.copy(image) if c == -1: if len(image.shape) == 2: return f(image) else: image[:,:,:3] = f(image[:,:,:3]) return image else: n,m,k = image.shape channels = np.reshape(image, (n*m,k)) channels[:,c] = f(channels[:,c]) return np.reshape(channels, (n,m,k))